2017- W.T.A.F?


What. The. Actual. Fuck?

To loosely paraphrase Queen Elizabeth II back in 1992, much of 2017 (for me) has been what can only be described as ‘annus horribilis’.

To loosely quote Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge (1986), it’s been a ‘clusterfuck’.

I don't want to admit this, but there were times this year when I really struggled to be a great escort. Not through any lack of enthusiasm for the job or my clients, but simply because I spent much of the year running on empty. The things that had sustained me through my first two years as an escort were gone. A RL job, career and workplace that I was utterly passionate about. The joy of having lifelong close friends within walking distance from my house. The close physical support and love of my beloved family, who I have missed Every. Single. Day.

I honestly believe that the best escorts are optimistic, engaged, present, open-minded, caring, sober, well-supported, and in love with life as well as their clients (in a non-stalkerish, non-possessive kind of way). Being an escort involves bringing the best of yourself to the table… and by God did I struggle to do that at times this year. (Although I did try my best to hide it).

2017 has been a year of firsts for me. First time actually paying for advertising as an escort. First time living alone in a big city. First time having an income tax bill instead of a refund. First time negotiating heart-wrenching loneliness. First time enduring a RL job that I have detested for much of the year. First time sharing joint dog custody. First time travelling to Singapore and New Zealand as Mischa. First time going on RL dates in years and years. First time doubting my decision to become an escort. First time having surgery on my own. First time crying with RL workplace frustration on an almost weekly basis. (And I'm a pretty resilient cookie).

But Oh. My. Goodness have I met some incredible people in 2017. I have been truly blessed and thank my lucky stars that our paths have somehow collided in this crazy world.

TO my beautiful, beautiful clients that I have known for a year or more- words of thanks aren’t enough. You have been so supportive, (and far beyond what you signed up for when hiring an escort). To anyone who has given me a ‘pep talk’ this year- I OWE YOU. You have been my light and fresh air when I when I was stuck in a bit of a dark fog. 

Ironically, as soon as I left for Tokyo, several important changes were made at my RL workplace which will make 2018 a lot easier for me. It’s likely that 2018 will involve more time spent in Queensland (family ahoy!) as well as Melbourne, where I shall be awaiting with puckered lips, ready to smother my still-incubating niece with kisses when she is finally born in February.

Post- Tokyo, I’ve been recharging at the Parental Palace for a few weeks and I feel great. Back to my lighthearted self and ready to continue providing support, adventure and intimacy for those beautiful souls that I occasionally find myself horizontal (or vertical) with. Bring on 2018!