"Unicorns"- rare but real.

I recently had the unexpected good fortune to meet a unicorn.

The term “unicorn” has become somewhat of a buzz word in recent times, with all manner of different meanings. Do enough internet research on unicorns and you will find a myriad of different definitions of the term. However, I simply offer my own interpretation.

So what is a unicorn? Quite simply, it’s thus: in another time, another place, another dimension, they would be the perfect person for you. They have everything that you would want in life- both for yourself, and in a partner. They are generally a high-achiever, physically beautiful, mysterious, humorous and charismatic. You can’t help but be in absolute awe while also experiencing a comfort level in their presence that can’t be explained.

Your first encounter with this creature probably began innocuously enough. You both approached each other with caution. However, it can take mere minutes to feel a spark, a connection, and then suddenly you can’t get enough of them. Unicorns can make time stand still- this is one of their powers. If you are lucky enough to find yourself behind closed doors with your unicorn, brace yourself- because it’s likely to be an uninhibited and insanely passionate ride. True unicorns will welcome bedroom experimentation of many kinds.

Your first instinct may be to contain your new find, but this is simply impossible. There is zero point in trying to trap or cage a unicorn. While they can often be drawn/tempted/lured in for an initial encounter, unicorns are headstrong, and any contact after your first encounter must be purely their own decision.

Ultimately, unicorn contact is a catch-and-release situation. Let them know that they are magical and very much appreciated, and then let them go. Unicorns are free-range animals. If you’re lucky, you will encounter them again, but neither you nor your unicorn are putting your lives on hold for each other.

Not only do unicorns work their magic on time, they also work their magic on your sense of smell and your hearing. You may forget how good they smelled until one day you are on the train and are suddenly hit by the scent of their cologne. You are frozen to the spot as a montage of memories dance their way through your brain. The same applies to the music that you heard around the time that the unicorn entered your life. Hearing music that you listened to together with your unicorn is a particularly poignant experience. Hence, at the moment I can’t listen to The Potbelleez “Saved in a Bottle” and most of Coldplay’s back catalogue….

Four. The number of unicorns that I’ve encountered in my entire life. Two of my unicorn encounters have occurred overseas, two were in Australia, and each one took me utterly by surprise. It’s unlikely that these men even realised that they were/are a unicorn, which is probably for the best.

A lovely, lingering part about any unicorn encounter is that you will never be quite the same person again. Unicorns will leave a hoof print firmly on your heart and you won’t ever forget them.

x Mischa