What's Up?

I’m one of the lucky ones.

I’m lucky enough to juggle a RL (real life) career with a small amount of escort work. Although I fear reprisals from my workplace if I was ever ‘outed’, I no longer fear losing the love of my parents. I also don’t have the stress of having a partner that I need to protect from my escort work. 

 But just when 2018 was going beautifully, I hit a big bump. My progressive and brilliant boss resigned in late August, giving just two days’ notice. Then, less than a month later, my housemate and colleague resigned, giving just four hours’ notice. She wasn’t only a friend, she was also the mother of Mr Cat’s girlfriend. I’m not sure that he realises yet that she is gone.

What is left behind at my workplace is a gaggle of old women fighting for superiority. No acting leader has been appointed. Instead, I am left to answer to some excellent examples of ‘dead wood’ who never seem to agree. The workplace culture has turned toxic and the only way to turn the situation around now would be to enact some sort of ‘Noah’s Ark’ scenario.

I have always been very resilient. And while I won’t go into my RL profession, I will say that I have had the top job before at a different workplace. I’ve been the boss. And now is not the right time of my life for me to be the boss again. Hence, these women have nothing to fear from me. But if you google the phrase ‘constructive dismissal’ (thanks D), this is what I fear is happening to me. I’ve never been bullied at work; nor have I ever been a bully at work. So this is all new territory for me.

So why am I blogging about this?

For a few reasons…

1.    I have always been super-diligent in regards to emails and Twitter DMs. If I take a little while to reply at the moment, then please accept my apologies. It is absolutely not personal.

2.    If you read any tweets that appear as though I’m screaming into the Twitter void, please accept that I am simply frustrated with RL work at that particular second. Any cranky tweets are no reflection of my personality or love for my clients. 

3.    My schedule may move around a little bit until the end of December. Hence, booking requests made a little bit in advance would be really, really appreciated. Overnight bookings and Dinner Dates are definitely still possible- please just give me a tiny bit of notice.

4.    I will have very limited availability for ‘Late Night Liaison’ bookings until early January. (But definitely still enquire- I love these bookings!)

5.    I will continue to have a great amount of availability for ‘Long Lunch’ bookings. 

How long will the above points apply? That is a good question. But my estimation is until early December when I leave to go on along-awaited skiing holiday in Japan. In the meantime, I will be coping as best as I can and applying for positions at different workplaces.

I can juggle all of this, and I’ll be fine. Please don’t feel the need to shy away from me because you think that I’m stressed. I’m good, really.

I wanted to write this post simply to explain what I’m facing, and to let my beloved clients know what they can do to assist me. Also, I don’t really want to rehash the situation over and over. I would prefer to get on with smiling, laughing, making you feel great and enjoying your company. If we’ve met and you are reading this, please accept my thanks for being the fantastic and caring person that you are. Really!

Thank you all for your understanding. This is the first time in four years that I have felt the need to write a blog of this nature, and hopefully it will be the last time!

X Mischa