To every ‘you’ that I have met.

It seems just like yesterday that you and I met,

Whether in Australia or after travel by jet.

You’ve been older than me by 1-25 years,

Hopefully I’ve stretched your boundaries and erased some of your fears.

Anticipation and nerves eventually disappear,

Replaced by sexy fun and the lend of a listening ear.

Laughter, moans, and then sadness as we part,

Many of you occupy a tiny piece of my heart.

Tolerance of my tardiness when I’m late to meet you,

Short notes of concern when I was feeling quite blue.

You sent messages when I was lonely in a new city,

You still smile when we meet & tell me that I look pretty.

None of you can be my everything,

But my aim is to always treat you like a king.

And I cannot fill all of your holes (oooh!),

But your kindness has helped me to reach many of my goals.

There are those with whom I’ve parted ways

And I wish you great happiness for the rest of your days.

Cheers to all for the past 4.0 years,

These are my thoughts as that anniversary nears.


x Mischa