What's in a rate?

In 3.75 years of being an escort, I've never published my rates. I always just assumed that if a potential client was really interested in meeting me, then he would be happy to email me to ask. Aren't conversations about money some of the most awkward conversations ever?

With that last sentence in mind, here are my current rates. All rates are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and only apply to bookings in Australia. You'll still need to email me for my Japan rates. Due to the laws in Victoria, my rates are 'outcall only' in Melbourne, and both 'incall' and 'outcall' when I'm in Sydney or Brisbane. Of course I will still tailor packages for longer dates, so don't be afraid to send me an email! 


Now to the fine print.... rates are inclusive of any deposit that I may request from you. Rates are all-inclusive and I typically don’t charge for ‘extras’. Unless you request something extremely.... extreme. I’ll bring the ‘protective equipment’ and my full and undivided attention. You bring your charming self and your best hygiene. x