The Hustle.

I started my career as an escort working in Brisbane. The River City. This is where the clients that I’ve seen for the longest live.

Fast-forward four years and I now live in Sydney. I’m not sure how long I will stay here, but I imagine it to be a few years yet.

I also have clients in Melbourne. And Japan. And New Zealand.

In order to see my adored clients in other cities, I need to travel. 

Clients that I have met before and genuinely loved their company- I will send them a very short email or DM on Twitter to let them know that I’ll be in town. (I try never to send text messages- who knows when they could be received!)

Clients that I haven’t met before can see my travel dates on my website, my Twitter header and any other advertising that I may have at the time. 

I send one short message. And I leave it at that. 

Then, it’s up to the client to either make a booking, tell me that they’re unsure, or tell me that the dates simply don’t work for them.

Whichever response they choose to give me is totally ok. 

End of process.


Clients are busy. The vast majority also become involved in this industry to avoid complications. If a client wanted a woman harassing them, then they would get a girlfriend. The whole process of engaging with an escort is supposed to be ‘no strings attached’ and fun!

Nothing annoys me more than when I hear stories of escorts ‘hustling’ clients. Of attempts to ‘guilt’ clients into booking. Cold-calling. 

No client that I’ve ever met has had a specific list and order in which they wish to book particular escorts. Nor will the average client simply shag anyone that is placed in front of them. As an escort (and a woman), looking desperate really isn’t attractive. Hassling a client, asking him why he won’t book, or why he hasn’t booked yet is appalling behaviour and simply not OK. 

Just as there are times when escorts can’t see clients, there are times when clients can’t see escorts. They’re busy at work, they’re on holiday, they’re short on cash, they would rather see someone else, or they simply aren’t in the mood. 

Much of the time, circumstances are beyond a client’s control, and they shouldn’t be made to feel bad for saying no to making a booking.

The other thing that I (and other escorts) need to remember is that MY short message isn’t the ONLY message of that type that clients might receive that day. Clients may receive several messages of this type per day and I can see how it could easily become overwhelming. 

Let’s say that a client has suggested doing a particular activity with me in the future. That’s fantastic! But it’s not my job to remind them about this verbal commitment. If he’s really keen, then he will remember eventually.

Yes, this is a business. Yes, earning money is important. But making a living is not more important than respecting clients’ feelings and their right to do what makes them happy. After all, if I were a doctor or a hairdresser, would it be ok for me to regularly message clients and suggest that they book me?

My reminder to clients is thus: It’s YOUR time and YOUR money. YOU decide how you spend it. 

x Mischa 

P.S. If I’ve met you and you would prefer that I don’t contact you when I’m in your city- please let me know. It’s really ok. 

P.P.S. Please bear in mind that this is my blog, these are my thoughts, and your view may vary.