What Rhymes With 2019?

It was only this week that I realised that my last blog for 2018 was pertaining to the topic of my insipid workplace last year. It’s amazing how a group of unhappy individuals manage to ‘feed’ off each other’s misery and make both the air and environment purely toxic. 

(Of course, anyone who chooses to wear Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door, Chanel’s Chanel Number 5 or Lynx Africa is automatically adding to a toxic environment. But enough about my olfactory preferences for now…)

Late August to early December last year were pretty bad for me in terms of real-life work. I honestly wouldn’t have gotten through that period without the care of a few people close to my heart that I met through my escort work. Two people in particular phoned me when I was sitting on my floor, uncertain as to whether I would be able to go to work. Those people (together with my parents) really walked me through that difficult time, and I can’t thank them enough.

I also said goodbye to a beloved client across the sea. I know that he’s fallen in love (likely with someone amazing), but I’ll miss him.

Things have changed so much since December that it’s almost difficult to recognise that this is my life now. I feel good. I feel like I’m almost back to my chirpy and upbeat self. After a brief headspace hiatus, the Mischa of old is back! Yet some things have changed.

I’ve fallen in love, you see. I’ve fallen in love with my new neighbourhood, I’m in the early stages of infatuation with my new workplace, and in the process, I think that I may have developed a case of somewhat unrequited love for a handsome neighbour several kilometres from me. I remember someone asking me once what the best thing about unrequited love was. I had no idea. He said, “unrequited love is the best type of love, because it’s the only love that lasts.”

Due to my brilliant new job, my availability has changed.…. to the days that people are least interested in getting busy in the bedroom (I think). 

For dinner dates: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday work best for me.

For lunch dates and companionship dates: any day except for Saturday is great.

For ‘fly me to you’ dates: give me enough notice, and I will try to rearrange my schedule. Especially if there is skiing involved!!!

This year is going to bring more changes for me (and hopefully good ones). I will return to university in July with the hope of finally finishing my degree. 

When not involved in RL work or escort work, my ‘down time’ will be spent pursuing new experiences and adventures. Trying new foods. Going to new places. All things that I want to be able to share with those closest to me and tell the world about.

Below is a small selection of what I’ve been up to since I blogged last.

Where to begin? I’ve been to my beloved Japan twice, I’ve been to Adelaide twice, Melbourne twice, Wellington once and Brisbane once. I’ve spent a day on a boat in Sydney Harbour and fallen asleep on a train in Tokyo. I’ve had ski lessons with an expert, seen two great movies, watched several documentaries and visited two onsens. I’ve tied someone up, been tied up, and had hot wax dripped on me. I’ve set off fireworks, started a new job, enjoyed quirky cocktails, lusted after a bright purple metallic ski suit, been given catnip-flavoured Greenies as a kind gift, chewed on gin-soaked green ants (yum!), been nightclubbing, gifted someone brunch and made vegetables into the shape of hearts. I lost my beloved Beats by Dre speaker for 24 hours before a hotel returned it. I bought a new fridge, moved to a new place and got to see both DJ Teddy Ramen and Zoë Badwi live. I’ve spent time with my family, met new friends and tried to be there for those who’ve needed me.

Here’s to a great 2019 for all!

x Mischa

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