Of life and love. (Part 1)

This blog post was inspired by a Twitter conversation that I had recently with a client. All content is used with permission. I will issue a grammar warning however. Neither the dear client nor myself are partially illiterate, just busy. And we all know that iPhone keyboards were not designed for muscly male fingers.
(That's not really an excuse for my mistakes, though...).

Sure. But can you really differentiate between someone like myself who splits her time between five different men, and a lady who works in a parlour? No. Prostitution is prostitution.

And what of some of my married friends, who will use sex as a negotiation tool/incentive/reward in exchange for new handbags, jewellery and holidays?

My closest friend got married to her doting husband several years ago. However, he was not a regular church-goer, and refused to go and meet with the minister to discuss the upcoming ceremony. In order to change his mind, my friend offered to participate in ‘A-Levels’ if he met with the minister. Problem solved.

I have another friend who used to issue her partner with what she called ‘bointy points’. Mowing the lawn would earn him 20 bointy points. Doing the dishes would earn him 10 bointy points. When he had accumulated 100 bointy points, then bedroom activities that evening were a certainty.

Is there a whole lot of difference between the above scenarios and what escorts across the world do on a daily basis?

I have entered this phase of my life with the knowledge that having a relationship would be out of the question for the next 3 years. Most of the time, I’m absolutely ok with that. I work a full-time RL job, I study full-time, I spend time with friends, my pets, and my family whom I absolutely adore. I see my darling clients.

I’ve been in a long-term relationship before, and I hope that I will be in one again. Sometimes I do miss it. The laughter, the banter, the intimacy. Someone who knows exactly how you like to drink your tea, and remembers which pillow is yours. 

I have couples around me that inspire me. They talk about each other, they have shared goals. Their faces light up in a huge grin when they see each other.

I have very few clients. I won’t go into specifics, but it is less than ten in total. Of these, there are three that I would retire my 'Miss Maxwell' persona for.
Or enter into an exclusive ‘mistress’ type arrangement.
Or just see more of them and 'see how it goes'.

I interact with each client differently. I have a unique relationship with each one. Things in common, chemistry, rapport.  You can’t force something that is not there. Chemistry is electric and magical. It can’t be manufactured, and it doesn’t grow on trees.
If you feel/find an extraordinary chemistry with someone, don’t let it go!

Would I survive without escort work? Yes, of course.

I work full-time in RL. I own my car and have no credit card debt. My home renovations are almost complete. I’m more of a saver than a spender. I would probably defer payment for my university subjects to HECS, rather than pay them upfront. My dreams of a rhinoplasty would be on hold until after I have graduated. But that would be absolutely fine. Both of these pale in comparison to being with someone that you can’t get enough of.

Money isn’t everything, and if you find another person on this earth that you adore, you should cling on to them with both hands.

To be continued...