Spring and change

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When I began this blog post, there was a 6-ft unicorn in the pool outside and a ginormous grin on my face. Michael Kors sandals under my toes and sun beams on my nose.

For some reason, the vast majority of my blogging happens when I’m out of my usual routine. It was only when I opened my semi-neglected MacBook that I realised that I still have about five or six draft blog posts saved on the hard drive. All unfinished. My experiences with sugar dating. Love Hotels. My own ‘experimental’ outing. Japanese ingenuity. My visit to a swingers club.

Typing was slightly painful when I began typing this post as I had several blisters on the fingers of my right hand- a remnant of gripping the handles of a jet ski tightly while my Mum was at the wheel. I’m from a super-close knit family, which is why I find it so difficult to live outside of Queensland.

There were thirteen (my favourite number) of us that hired a big house in the Whitsundays. A week of laughter, games, home cooking, wine, karaoke and adventures. It was decided that one night we would have a ‘white party’. Unfortunately I hadn’t tried my white dress on before the night. Cue my younger sister in the bathroom with me, insisting that the only way to squeeze me into it was to remove my bra. My first time attending a party sans bra!

A particularly pesky possum had been lurking around on the deck all evening, and at about 9 pm, the men of the house decided to shoo him back into the garden. It would been one hell of a shock for the poor possum. One moment scourging for scraps, the next being chased by the alabaster-clad members of the Backstreet Boys, circa 1999.

White Party ready. 

White Party ready. 

Possum not pictured.

Possum not pictured.

If anything, this year has taught me the importance of having good people around me. To those beautiful people that checked in on me when I first moved to Sydney (and continue to do so)- thank you. To those special souls that I’ve met since moving to Sydney thank you also.

I do have a great sense of loyalty to the few clients that I have. It is always a great feeling when they return that loyalty. Whether it’s making a booking on a regular basis, saying “Hi!” via social media, sending me photos of what’s happening in their lives, or even inviting me for a platonic lunch, coffee or cocktail when we’re in the same place- I appreciate it all.

If I can digress to the topic of Twitter for a second. While undeniably an important marketing tool, social media of any variety can be all-consuming. Buuut....it’s important to keep it all in perspective. I remember reading a quote that went something like, “I hope your life is as good as it looks on Facebook.” Obviously, living a duplicitous lifestyle (as either escort or client) means that one ‘self’ is more authentic than the other. In my particular case, the tweets and blogs that I write as Mischa are very close to me. Change the name and I’m essentially the same person (although Mischa is much naughtier…).

I have genuinely met THE best people on Twitter. And while I enjoy sharing my life, and being let into the lives of others, I still like a reasonable amount of discretion. Take a stroll (or scroll) through my Twitter feed and hopefully you will find that it’s difficult to work out who I have met in person and who I haven’t. That’s purely my personal preference and exactly the way that I like it.

I recently read a really great blog post, written by one of the founders of the rotation curation Twitter account, @BeingTokyo. The link is below, and I promise that it’s a quick read:


From the above article, the following quote really stuck with me:

We’ve gone from sharing what we do to living so we can share.
— Fernando Gros

Would you agree?

While the vast majority of my Twitter interactions bring me great joy, I often feel the need to step back and leave Twitter untouched for hours, sometimes days at a time. Increasingly I find that the less time I spend on Twitter, the happier I am. Maybe this is due to the fact that I’m seeing less tweets pertaining to the antics of @realDonaldTrump? Or perhaps, (and more likely), it is because instead of looking at a screen, I am off doing something where interpersonal interaction is required? I’m not sure.

However, Twitter and email still remain two of the easiest ways to contact me. The quickest way to contact me is undoubtedly via Twitter DM (my notifications are still on!).

Back to the point of this post!

The season has changed from Winter to Spring, and I’ve made a few changes of my own. Beginning with no longer parking my car under Jacaranda trees.

I’ve added a calendar to the bottom of my Contact page. This is always up-to-date, and at present it is filled in a month in advance.

I am slowly beginning to use some of the new photos that I have had taken this year. One of these shoots was a tale in itself- asking my Dad to drop me to an empty beach at dawn with a full face of makeup. (Ask me to tell you the story in person- it gets funnier).

In response to a question that I received via DM, no, I will not be creating an OnlyFans account. Mainly because I suspect that I would be my ‘Only Fan’! Haha!

I have however, made a new page on my website, Extras. This is home to a very dodgy selection of selfies and links to both my Pinterest page and DeliveryCode wishlist. Please don’t misconstrue the reason that I’ve included this last item. I neither want nor expect gifts. The fact that you choose to spend time with me is definitely gift enough! The inclusion of DeliveryCode is solely in case I need to ask you for a deposit to secure our time together. Your information is protected and completely invisible to my eyes.

I will be taking more lessons in kink. There are so many things that I want to learn, more for my own curiosity (and to share with those interested), as opposed to ever working as a PSE provider.

I plan to take a short course in remedial massage in January- purely for my own curiosity and for the benefit of anyone who might end up alone with me. If only I could offer a private health fund rebate…

And finally, I’ll be continuing to learn Japanese. And to do battle with my MacBook.

I can't believe we're in November already. The start of the festive season. I hope that yours is off to a great start.


x Mischa

P.S. To my long-suffering, long-distance friend C. Thanks aren’t enough.

Of loss.


I fear that yesterday I started to lose a close friend. Not ‘lose’ as in they are facing death. Just ‘lose’ in that we may not be in contact with each other anymore. It took me by surprise and I’m still in tears as I write this.

There was no ugliness, no fight. Just a slow online discussion over the course of a few hours. The reasons are few- different expectations, and a change of heart.

I’ve never parted ways with a close friend before. And I’ve only ever parted ways with two clients on not-so-great terms. In fact, one of the luxuries of having few clients is that I believe that I share a close bond with each one. Some closer than others, but I know (and hopefully they know) that we can drop each other a line at any time.

But you see, the problem with letting people into your life (and your heart) is that it can only go one of two ways. You either stay friends forever and ever, or eventually you have to say goodbye to them. Perhaps every relationship has some kind of predetermined expiry date?

I continue to hope that my escort work will ‘harden’ me in an emotional sense. Unfortunately, it seems to have done the opposite. I definitely ‘feel’ more than I ever have before. In one sense I’m grateful, in another I’m not as I can see that sometimes feelings can lead to financially costly mistakes.

As I’ve said before, I genuinely try to leave everyone I meet in a better state than when I met them. Certainly everyone that I’ve met has taught me something.

What has surprised me about being an escort is that I have had the great privilege of meeting some awesome people who are neither clients nor potential clients. I certainly didn’t expect that. That’s how this particular friend and I met. Despite being sad at the moment, I’m still very grateful that we did meet.

So, I guess that the lesson here is that when it comes to friendship, being upfront and honest is always the best way to go. Even if it hurts the other person, there’s no point in maintaining any degree of falsehood. I suppose that one of the benefits of being an escort is that everything is upfront in your interactions. It is possible to become friends with your clients, but the expectations are still clear: time = money. You both know that you’re not going to end up together in a romantic sense, but certainly the bond that you’ve formed can last a very long time.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with this particular friendship. It quite likely could be salvageable. I have no prior experience to draw on, but I suspect that I may take a little while to stop feeling sad. Hence, I’m trying to keep super-busy, so all distractions and bookings are welcome!

x Mischa

P.S. My forthcoming blog posts will be more upbeat, I promise!

P.P.S. In awesome news, I have just been invited to my first ‘twitter’ wedding! (Meaning that I met the bride and groom through twitter). I’m so honoured to be invited and oh-so excited!!