Hiatus update- it's almost over!

By the time I return to seeing clients on July 21st, I will have had over five weeks off and spent three of these at the Parental Palace. There’s nothing quite like family banter, laughter, mowing lawns, and homecooked meals to recharge the soul!

As it turns out, a lot of the reasons that I had for taking a short break in the first place have resolved themselves. See below:

My best friend of 13 years is having her first baby.

Her baby arrived super-early at 28 weeks’ gestation. Mum is fine and bub is doing well in a special care nursery in another city. The best that I can do is sew size 0000000 baby clothes and provide phone support from afar.

My other best friend is going through some significant life changes and I want to lend my support.

My friend has plenty of fabulous support around them now and I don’t want to be a hindrance. They are enjoying plenty of adventures, distraction, laughter and love- exactly the same as when I was a primary support.

My current City2Surf training needs a lot more time and effort. My current time is abysmal, and I want to do so much better than I did last year.

Admittedly, while I’ve been at the Parental Palace, I’ve been cheating and cycling 14klms per day, not jogging it. But I do have four weeks left to improve…

I’ve signed up to do some volunteer work in Sydney that I imagine will be quite confronting.

The volunteer work has been amazing, and something that I have loved. I haven’t found it confronting, just rewarding. I miss my family so much in QLD that seeing the same faces over again in volunteer work has almost become like a new family.

University starts again for me in July and I will be doing a full-time load of 4 subjects.

With a few changes in my life, I will have more free time than ever before. I may be slightly slower to reply to emails and DMs, but I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to juggle everything.

My full-time RL (real life) job is about to become a lot more hectic.

The surge that I was expecting hasn’t happened. I am on a 12 month contract, however, so I do need to make sure that I look like a superstar as the year progresses.

On a personal note:

My parents were nice enough to lend me a huge chunk of the money that I needed when I traded in my old car and purchased a new one. I’ve been making regular weekly repayments to them, but I would dearly love to be able to pay them back the full amount as soon as possible. Particularly as my Dad is nearing retirement. Paying my parents back a fairly significant amount of cash and buying university textbooks are new financial targets for me. And I’m prepared to work as hard as possible to make that happen. 

A quick reminder on my rates! I see very few people, but as my clients are generally regulars who make the decision to see me again and again, I want to provide the best value for money that I can.

One hour: $400

Two hours: $650

Dinner date (4 hrs): $1000

Overnight: $1500.

Platonic date (2 hrs): $250

Fly-me-to-you dates have unquestionably been some of my favourites! 

These encounters will set you back the cost of an overnight date ($1500) as well as the cost of return Qantas economy airfares from Sydney.

I’m visiting Hobart for the first time in October, which I’m really excited about! I’m yet to plan dates for Melbourne, a second visit to Brisbane and my beloved Tokyo, but they will all see me again before the year is out.

I want to finish this post by thanking the amazing people that I have around me. 

These people include close clients and also the platonic friends that I have made throughout my journey as an escort. 

Your friendship has meant the world to me, particularly throughout my hiatus.

x Mischa

Toyota (Postscript)

Thanks to everyone/anyone who messaged me to give me feedback on my 'Toyota' blog post. I really appreciate it.

This will be my last musings on the topic of body size etc. I wrote the original piece because of something that I had read. 'Size-ism' isn't something that I think about on a regular basis. I'm more focused on trying to be the best friend/employee/colleague/sister/daughter/escort that I can be, while having as much fun as possible. If someone makes the choice to write something unnecessarily negative (or just unnecessary) about another person's appearance, then there's really not anything that the subject can do except paint on a smile and move on. I guess the lesson here is just to be mindful of what you write. Life is too short for unnecessary negativity.

In the escort industry, your appearance is most often the factor that determines your worth. Not your worth as a person, but your worth as a tangible dollars-per-hour figure. Which is why I wanted (but completely forgot) to point out in the original post that I don't charge brand-new Yaris rates. In keeping with the 'Toyota' theme, I'm probably charging three-year-old Camry rates. A brand-new Yaris will cost you a lot more. (Incidentally, Chris the photographer actually told me that my rates are too low. And he's photographed a lot of escorts).

On that note..

Yesterday I had the great privilege of being photographed by the very talented Chris at www.sydneyglamourphotography.com.au. Below is a shot that he took on his phone at the very end of the shoot. This shot is completely unretouched. If you look very closely (please don't) you can make out the small vertical scar a few inches above my bottom. That scar is where the surgeon made an incision to remove part of a broken disc after my ski accident, the one that led to me gaining a great deal of weight. There are also moles scattered across my back- the remnants of an awesome childhood spent in sunny Queensland.

Anyway, I've been studying this image to try and work out whether I would consider this person to be BBW if it was a photo of someone else. I still haven't come up with the answer. Granted, it may not be the body of a Yaris, but it's definitely not the body of a LandCruiser either....

Post-photo shoot