Taking a break...

The mark of an excellent escort is to accurately read what your client wants, possibly before he even knows it himself. Last year, I accidentally ‘misdiagnosed’ a client. I assumed that he wanted a relationship that was both physically and emotionally enriching, rather than one that was purely physical. The realisation of this ‘misdiagnosis’ led me to ponder... am I actually more suited to being a mistress or a sugar baby, rather than an escort? 

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being an escort. I went into it entirely on my own terms and with a plan that would work for me: minimal clients (less than seven), all of them repeat clients who I would see around once every eight to twelve weeks or so. Men that wanted some kind of emotional connection rather than simply sex alone. Despite the emotional connection, our ‘relationship’ would be neither a huge distraction to his life or mine. I could maintain anonymity and continue to study and work full-time. 

Though my escort career has been relatively short so far, my initial plan seems to have worked.

However, in order to investigate the ‘mistress’ option, I recently registered on Ashley Madison as a young female looking for an affair with an older married man. However, I didn’t pretend to be a bored housewife. When I set up my profile, I made no secret of the fact that I was Mischa Maxwell, escort. Most men viewed my profile and declared that they were not interested, which is exactly what I had expected would happen. 

However, what I didn’t expect was the range of specific things that these men were looking for- all for free. One wanted someone to pop around to his house before work for a quick shag on a bi-weekly basis. One wanted a single lady with her own ‘love nest’. One gent wanted NSA fun, declaring that he loved to perform oral for hours. Another wanted someone who lived in the CBD so that he could often ‘drop by’ after his regular boys’ night out. Aside from the occasional meal, all of these services were expected to be provided for free. Dick pics were absolutely rife. I have never seen so many in my life. What alarmed me the most was the amount of men who expected that all sex would be completely natural. Condoms not required.

It took about four days for management to shut my account down. I wasn’t surprised. How dare anyone suggest that these men should actually pay for sex when they were attractive enough to get it for free. 

A bit of a hint for these men- women worth your time are typically more interested in what is between your ears rather than what is between your legs.

On a more personal note, January has been a huge month for me. I spent the first part in Japan before moving to Sydney to begin a new RL job. It’s an interesting experience, getting your bearings in a new place, completely on your own. My new colleagues seem lovely, but I certainly have my work cut out for me. 

I had always expected that the start of my new job would mean that any bookings would be an impossiblity- for both new or existing clients. (Actually, I have no permanent Sydney clients, so being booked by existing clients was hardly an issue). University is starting again soon, and I feel a compulsion to be a complete workaholic while I get a handle on my new role.

Hence, I’ll be on hiatus from February 1st. I’ll still be contactable via the usual methods, but may not check them as often. I imagine that the person who commented that my Twitter feed is sadly lacking in nudes will be most relieved. I’m relieved myself, actually. Relieved that I purchased so many duty free sex toys while I was in Japan, that is...

x Mischa

P.S. ......However, if you are a 40+ year old man with sugar daddy potential who would like to meet once or twice a month in Sydney, do get in touch... :-)