"I saw Mischa for the first time in early August.
I messaged Mischa as I arrived outside her building and before I knew it, I was watching the beautiful Mischa walking towards me. After our greetings we headed upstairs to her room.
From the first moment, I found Mischa easy to talk to and chatting with Mischa over a beer certainly helped me to relax.
Before I knew it we were kissing on the lounge.  I won't share what we did in the bedroom, but I will share that we fed each other ripe strawberries dipped in Nutella, which added to the fun of the afternoon.
Truthfully I didn't want the date to end, but as the saying goes 'All good things must come to an end' and so our date had to end, but not before I had the chance to shower with Mischa and ensure that she was squeaky clean.
It wasn't long after our date that I contacted Mischa again to arrange our second date. If you have the chance, go on a date with Mischa you won't be sorry."
        -M.L (August 2014, Brisbane)

"Mind blown, amongst other things..."      -P.S. (August 2014, Brisbane)

"I first saw Mischa in February of this year. Since that time, I have seen her every eight weeks or so, and she has become the perfect 'friend with benefits'. From a selfish point of view, I like knowing that she only has a few clients and doesn't see everyone and anyone. I look forward to spending time with Mischa because I know that I can enjoy conversation and fun without any hassles. We will even swap book and documentary titles(!), and have built up a flirtatious rapport that always leads to bedroom fun. "      -T.L. (July 2014)